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Frequently asked questions

How long does my hair have to be?


The length of a grain of rice is the best length for waxing. If you your last hair removal was shaving, please leave at least 3 weeks before you come for a wax. You will not have very smooth results if it is a shorter time and some hairs may not be removed.


Can I have a wax if im on my period?


Of course. We just ask that you are clean and that you are waearing a tampon.


How can I prevent ingrown hairs?


If you are prone to ingrown hairs, I always recommend my hero product, Waxpert Wonder Pads. Soaked in Salycilic Acid, they help to soothe, reduce redness and gently exfoliate.


How long before my appointment should I arrive?


I will be running quite a tight ship at Frenchy's Pop Up. If fully booked I will not have much turn around time so I ask that you arrive 5 mins before your appointment so that I can keep to time. 


How do I pay for my treatment?


A full payment will be taken on booking, along with your contact details and your consultation form. If you have any other treatments during your time or you want to purchase my hero product Waxperts Wonder Pads, this will all be payable at the treatment in cash. 


What happens if i book for a gstring but end up wanting a hollywood, for example?


If I have the time, of course I will fit in everything I can. Any extras will be payable at the treatmetn, in cash.


What if I cant make my appointment?


A full payment will be taken if cancelled less than 4 days in advance

50% of full payment will be taken if you cancel a week in advance

More than a week a full refund will be given.


What are the differences between all the bikini waxes?


Simple bikini is everything up to your pant line 

Gstring is a high bikini line with a tidy up underneath

Brazilian is evrything off from underneath, leaving a landing strip

Hollywood is everything off


What is the difference between warm and hot wax?


Warm wax is used on larger areas and is removed with a paper or fabric strip. Hot wax is a peelable wax that isn't too hot, don't worry! A pre wax oil is removed to lift the hairs off the skin so the wax just sticks to the hair and not the skin. It is used on sensitive areas such as the bikini and face


Do you double dip?




Do I have to wear underwear for my bikini wax?


I operate a no pants policy, this is the easiest and quickest way to get a clean and thorough wax. You wouldn't wear a hat at the hairdressers! I do provide a modesty towel though.


Any advice for after my wax?


NO hot showers or baths for 24hrs

NO sunbeds, steam rooms, saunas for 24 hrs

AVOID excessive exercise for 24hrs

NO fake tan, moisturisers or deoderants for 24hrs

AVOID shaving or epilating in between waxes


USE Waxperts Wonder Pads in between waxes to help prevent in grown hairs.


How do I book an appointment?


Text 07725118719 for an appoinment or email and at your appointment it is always best to rebook to avoid disappointment.






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